Rachel Chanmugum, Sound Healer

Rachel is a yoga teacher, a sound healer, a music composer and a nature-connectedness facilitator.

She was born in France and left her country almost 18 years ago to live in Sri Lanka with her Sri Lankan husband and their son.

Rachel combines her multi-disciplinary talents along with other areas such as embodiment, mindfulness, breath work, meditation, art, sustainability and education. She provides Nature Sound Yoga classes and Interactive Healing Concerts amongst other experiences.

Her approach is equally based on Western and Eastern Sciences and Spirituality.

She enjoys connecting and co-creating with other musicians, artists, scientists, activists or educators as well as custom-crafting projects and programs for various audiences and purposes (families, corporate, cultural institutes, planetarium, etc.)

Rachel has held sound baths at Kalukanda House and is a regular practitioner here.

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