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Jessica Blotter is the CEO and founder of Kind Traveler, a globally recognised Positive Impact travel platform, aligned with UN sustainable development goals. 72% of travelers want their travel dollars to positively impact the communities they visit. Kalukanda House aligned with Their Future Today is the first Sri Lankan impact partnership to join this fantastic intiative.

Jessica tells us about how they started...

"From the moment I met Sean I realized he was also a budding warrior for good. Having grown up in Pahoa, Hawaii, as the eldest in a family of ten with two blind parents, and having served in the Air Force with commendations, he had a unique ability to see the world through a compassionate lens and lead by example. He had also founded three successful businesses by the time he was 25. Like me, he had an entrepreneurial passion that informed the way he lead his life.

Jessica Blotter

After beginning my career as an earth science teacher teaching 130 students each day at UCSD’s Preuss School, a unique charter school for under-served students who strive to be the first in their family to go to college, I transitioned into a decade-long journey directing a variety of popular travel and lifestyle publications, from start-ups to established national industry leaders. We later co-founded the brand development group Publicly Loved and I began writing for global travel magazines and travel associations on hospitality trends, sustainability, animal welfare, and social impact – issues I deeply care about – for Fast Company, CBS Los Angeles, Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Assocation (BLLA), and a variety of other publications. These experiences along with being an animal rights activist and volunteer had me longing to be an even bigger champion for good.

We dreamed that instead of creating marketing campaigns we would create movements, the kind with the power to make the world a better place. When we found ourselves on a trip to Belize, that dream started to take shape. As our tour bus wound its way through the back roads of rural villages, we witnessed heartbreaking poverty, families living in tiny shacks near polluted swamps and emaciated dogs wandering the streets for food. The bus had never been so quiet. How could we get excited about visiting the Mayan ruins nearby and ignore the devastation around us?


When the bus stopped as a last chance to grab snacks or water before the hike, rib-protruding dogs approached us, begging for food with eyes of despair. We simply decided to buy food to feed the dogs. Unintentionally, this action inspired other tourists to do the same thing. Rather than do nothing and live with the sadness of the situation, people took action and suddenly the moment went from somber to joyful – just by doing something. The other travelers wanted to help… they just needed a catalyst. Last year alone, more than 1 billion trips were taken. That's 1 billion opportunities for travelers to become a force for good.


Our answer to that question was simple, yet revolutionary:

Launched in late 2016, Kind Traveler is the first socially-conscious Give + Get hotel booking and media platform that empowers travellers to positively impact the communities and environment in the destinations they visit.

Since then, Kind Traveller has been recognised as a global leader in sustainable and responsible tourism"

Kind Traveller Impact

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