Karen Lane, Yoga Teacher

Karen has always been a singer and mover, studying dance from a young age. She returned to mindful movement and yoga as her main form of exercise to help her cope with grief, a fast-paced London life and bringing up three daughters. High powered workouts no longer provided the grounding and centering she needed and through yoga studies she discovered a sense of calm and resilience.

Karen was inspired to delve deeper into the ancient traditions and become a teacher of yoga. She trained initially (200hrs) in London with Yogahaven. As a professional singer and voice practitioner she has always known the importance of breath but as a yogi she has truly come to deeply understand the benefits to mind and body. Studying further training in Yogic breath work with Michael Bikyer YogaLap. A few years later Karen completed her 300Hr advanced training, studying with Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill of the Rasa Collective – a Tantric based yoga practise which incorporates deep dives into Mudra (healing hand gestures) Mantra (chanting sacred Sanskrit) and is focused on welcoming the whole individual on this alchemical journey.

Embracing ourselves, the light and the dark all emotions (Rasas) without judgement, Rasa Yoga has helped Karen to combine all her strengths and align fully with her Dharma, using her voice as a healing medium integrating chanting into her practice. Exploring the connection of breath, voice and body as a form of mind body transformation for all. Her classes are steeped in accessible options but at the same time challenging, and with spiritually creative explorations that resonate with many on their own healing journey.

Karen is a regular yoga teacher to Dee Gibson, founder of Kalukanda House and she will be co-hosting a new series of retreats right here in Sri Lanka.

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