HERA Project X Making an Impact

In November 2023, Kalukanda House and HERA's Garden held the first event of it’s kind in Sri Lanka - an event for Creative Founders with a 100% Sri Lankan female stage. Covering subjects such as Art, Fashion, Jewellery Making, Textiles, Travel and Photography, each speaker talked about her journey into this creative field, the barriers she faces and how she has overcome them.

This Creatives in Residence event launched a new style of event for wellness and education of our guests and community. Our passion and purpose is to reframe the term “Luxury Travel” to encompass an understanding of conscious, regenerative travel, with DEI and inclusion as a central tenet.

We blended travellers, locals and founders all mingling and discussing current issues, an event held BY women, FOR everybody. Over 3 days of speakers and panels, Q&A’s with the audience, workshops and wellness activities in the evenings, we discussed and learned alot about each other and the landscape of life as a Sri Lankan female entrepreneur and the needs of our communties.

It was a way to highlight what women are doing and how we are building a self sustaining island with these modern narratives that need to be shared with the world beyond being an ex-colony. This bubble allowed many ideas to be borne, and we continue to showcase the innovative female, entrepreneurial demographic who all work with passion and purpose at their core in Sri Lanka and across the diaspora.

This initiative is called HERA Project X

Next Event November 28th 2024 - December 1st 2024

We will be holding another Creatives in Residence Event in November 2024. If you would like to participate as a speaker or join the community please contact us. Tickets will be on sale later this year. All profits wil be donated towards our HERA Project X Academy project providing workshops and life skills training to under privilaged girls aged 16-24. More details of 2024 event here https://www.kalukandahouse.com/Creatives-in-Residence-Nov-2024


Aadhitya, Speaker ~ "There has never been a residency program on that level where different age groups and people were involved from different walks of life. True relationships both business and friendships were formed, it felt like an empowering, together sisterhood. I am a young designer but I met people who are ambassadors doing different kinds of work but who were designers before. Inspiring to hear how much service we can be to each other and the community and the impact that is created. It was an awakening moment for me"

Irstel, Participant ~ "I found the content of the workshop very valuable and empowering. Love the arts, travel and community development projects, especially when it concerns women and youth. Very inspirational. Loved connecting with other like minded women. It felt like a breeze of fresh air in the mid of a busy week. Supporting each other as “sisters” in our fields of work was so beautiful to watch and up lifting. New friendships and a boost of energy! "

Thushni, Speaker ~ "I wanted to let you know the results of the event that are happening outside of Kalukanda House since then. Three months in, because of the connections made during the event, Irstel and I have got together in the hopes of creating a collective to inspire women in tourism, especially at this crucial time when the industry is facing a serious brain drain with skilled people leaving the country. It is something dear to our hearts and we hope to inspire women to break through mental and societal barriers by seeing that there are women who are out in the industry, doing their own thing and are willing to give them a helping hand"

Karyn, Participant ~ "It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I fell in love with Sri Lanka because of the Hera Project X. Dee brilliantly curated and hosted a diverse and inspiring group of women who shared their stories and support of each other both genuinely and generously. It was an honour to be part of it and I left feeling uplifted and committed to shifting the narrative around Sri Lanka. These amazing women taught me that we shine brighter when we put our light together. Forever grateful!"

HERA Project X

HOPE Market at Kalukanda House

HERA Project X workshop

With thanks to

Selyna Pieris, Selyn Textiles

Aadhitya Jeyaseelan, Studio Kayamai

Sara Nazoor, ALKE Design

Thushni de Silva, Experience Travel

Anurangi Mendis, HOPE Market

Rachel Chanmugum, Gong Bath and Sound

Shakya and Vio, LaLa Studio

Melisa Fernando, EmpowHER and Wildlife Photographer

Nathali Rathnayake, Cacao Ceremony

All the participants who came to listen from expat residents to travellers interested in our speakers

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