Finding your truth and pleasure states through voice

Article by Karen Lane, Singer and Yoga Teacher

When we are uncomfortable or afraid and not speaking our truth we will feel it in our voice and throat. Your voice is an important gateway that connects the emotional body to the rational mind.

The Throat Chakra physically sits between the Heart Chakra, (the emotional center of our body) and the Ajna Chakra (the 3rd eye intuitive centre ; mind/body or thought centre). Thus the voice is the gateway to acknowledging our needs and boundaries. It is our centre of worthiness, and how we use or don't use our voice defines how we feel about ourselves, it affects our self esteem. Do you give yourself permission to take up space with your voice? Or do you hold back afraid to speak your mind or offer opinions for fear of judgement. If we have held ourselves small or if we have repressed emotions, then these characteristics are likely to be evidenced in our voice.

Our emotions and our voice are inextricably intertwined. The voice is the center of our creative expression and it is hard to hide our emotional state because the voice belies it. Finding your voice through humming, singing and chanting can reawaken your internal relationship with self. Gradually singing again and learning to chant simple Mantras can be a great addition to your daily rituals or self care toolkit. Humming and singing stimulates the vagus nerve and connects us quickly to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, so it is a great way to calm yourself in times of emotional turmoil or stress. The Vagus nerve is one of the largest nerves in the body connecting from the brainstem through the voice and diaphragm (sacral nerve plexus area) and descends to the womb and beyond and can effectively send a sigh of relief to our entire nervous system.

Diaphragmatic breathing and singing releases oxytocin and enhances positive emotions, sexual energies and helps elicit pleasure states. Those who are dissociated from their Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana Chakra) are usually affected in the voice too. When someone is powerful and fully 'in their voice' they are often fully present and comfortable with their sexuality too.

Healing through Voice Work and Breathwork can be a transformative journey and inturn, can increase our capacity to connect to our creative energies, improve our ability to express ourselves authentically in communication and in the pleasure centres of our bodies.

Simple top tip: We should all hum or sing more everyday.

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