Elizabeth Healey, Neuroscientist

Elizabeth Healey is an advanced Executive Coach to women in business, a neuroscientist, an actress, a television reporter, radio host, writer and film maker.

She say "to some it may sound alot, but as women we have always juggled and who says we can't do more than one thing? I have always followed my passion and right now I am passionate about helping other women who feel the nudge of change, to amplify it and transform that nudge into a driving force of self belief".

Elizabeth has worked for over 15 years within the self development world . With her scientific understanding of human behaviour and her years as a professional performer she has a unique ability to communicate the theory of behavioural change with real practical skills to empower women to their authentic self.

Elizabeth works with organisations and private clients. She is a guest lecturer at Judge Business School , University of Cambridge on the EnterpriseWise programme, a bespoke course for women entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth will be a co-host on upcoming retreats.

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