HERA Project X Island Immersion June 2024

A brand new style of Retreat for Creative women combining Travel, Wellness, Cultural Exchange and Philanthropy. The retreat is for female leaders looking for inspiration and will showcase a dynamic Sri Lanka, one that is not seen.

June 15th - June 29th, 2024 (7, 10 or 14 day options)

What is the retreat about?

HERA Project X Island Immersion is a carefully crafted journey through the island for curious, creative female business leaders. It is bought to you by HERA Project X and Kalukanda House founder Dee Gibson and a team of a Creative Female Founders from the HERA Project X community who are leading change through creative innovation.

Combining travel, wellness, cultural exchange and philanthropy, this retreat is specifically designed for a small group size of 8-10 like minded women who want creative adventures to find answers to some questions ~ What next? How can I bring my skills to help others and myself? How do I innovate and help to mend our planet in my own way?

This retreat will give you mental space, physical time and creative inspiration, needed now more than ever for healing of ourselves and healing of our world. It will undeniably bring you friendships you never even thought you needed.

Designed for business leaders and owners in all Creative Industries who seek immersive experiences with like minded women, mingling creative leaders in the West with those in Sri Lanka. If you are from the world of Writing and Publishing, Art ,Design, Textiles, Fashion, Architecture, Cookery and more, this retreat will refresh all parts of you and inspire clarity on how you can use your skills in other ways.

Retreat Description

We will take you on a curated creative pathway to locations and experiences across this beautiful island. You will stay in up to 4 beautiful, boutique, soulful places run by passionate founders who are innovating new ideas in Sri Lanka that are good for the soul, our people and our planet.

June 15 - 16 / 2 days

Your HERA Project X Island Immersion starts you with two days in vibrant capital city Colombo to discover an avant garden art scene and gallery owners who are dedicated to showcasing artefacts and telling you un-told or forgotten stories of a historic Sri Lanka. A bustling metropolis, you will visit cutting edge brands built by female founders and discover initiatives in place creating wearable art, equity in supply chains and world class sustainable initiatives. A dinner with some of the designers will be included during your stay.

June 17 - 23 / 5-7 days

You will then be bought to the South Coast to stay at Kalukanda House, founding home of HERA Project X where daily wellness, creative classes in heritage crafts and discussions with local Sri Lankan female founders will open your mind to Sri Lankan Culture and Heritage and how it drives our present and shapes our future. Hosted by founder Dee Gibson and a team of talented women, you will experience the incredible energy of the grounds through daily Yoga practices and Gong Baths, massages and a cultural show. The craft workshops with local artisans, panel conversations and mingling with local creative Female Founders will inspire you in your own creative passions. We have partnered with our friends at a stunning neighbouring property just 2 minutes away, who will host additional guests where rooms are needed. All activities will take place in our grounds at HERA’s Garden and in nearby locations.

June 24-25 / 2 days

An onward leg finds you staying in Chalets under the stars and being taken out on Safaris with Rangers and Researchers to see leopards, elephants and our diverse island wildlife, off the beaten track and away from mass tourist areas. You will spend time with the experts and learn about specific conservation efforts and why Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot in the World with researchers thinking about how to keep our planet safe.

June 26 - 29 / 3 days

The last leg of your retreat sends you to the stunning hill country to stay in beautiful owner-run farms, where the founders are passionate about nurturing produce in a sustainable way for the land and the people. A different climate and a different view you will see and experience the tea plantations and farm produce and for those that want to, you can experience a walk on a section of the much acclaimed Pekoe Trail.

We have chosen travel partners who have aligned business values and that have clear community projects that benefit from a circular economy. An opportunity to see how Sri Lanka is leading the charge on new ways to improve those that are underprivileged, there are some moments to meet and have joint experiences with those running projects that we are supporting.

Projects that will benefit from bookings

A Shelter and an all female legal team who protect and serve abused women and young girls (Colombo)

  1. HERA Project X Academy participants - a series of weekend workshops run by our Creative Female Founders for young women aged 17-23 who need skills training to build confidence and work opportunities.
  2. Funding to provide mentoring and education opportunities for young women to continue schooling beyond GCSE level, otherwise closed off to them due to lack of finance. (Yala)
  3. Guided walks and tours across the Pekoe Trail for young women to build self confidence unable to experience the hikes themselves. (Hill Country)

Retreat Dates and pricing

The Immersion can be booked as a 7, 10 or 14 day experience depending on your availability.

Group size 4-10

Prices from $3,000 - $5,500 pp including accommodation, meals and experiences.

Excludes Flights.

Retreat Combinations available

  • 14 day Immersion Colombo, Kalukanda House, Safari and Tea Country 15th June - 29th June
  • 7 day Immersion Kalukanda House Only 17th June - 24th June
  • 10 days Immersion Colombo and Kalukanda House 15th June - 24th June
  • 10 day immersion Kalukanda House and Safari 17th June - 29th June

Contact us at stay@kalukandahouse.com

"It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I fell in love with Sri Lanka because of Hera Project X. Dee brilliantly curated and hosted a diverse and inspiring group of women who shared their stories and support of each other both genuinely and generously. It was an honour to be part of it and I left feeling uplifted and committed to shifting the narrative around Sri Lanka. These amazing women taught me that we shine brighter when we put our light together. Forever grateful!"

~ Karyn, November 2023 participant