Your Voice A Healing Instrument

Article by Rachel Chanmugum, Sound Healer

From a ‘sound healing’ perspective, there are specific sounds and frequencies which have the power to revitalize your body; at physical emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels. If you have any doubt about that, there are documented scientific studies done with the gong, showing the visual effects at cellular level which can be found online.

While the gong is considered as one of the most healing ‘instruments’, it is actually the voice that wins the golden medal of the highest therapeutic benefits.

But not just any voice – yours!

This is because you hold the exact frequencies that are able to perfectly resonate and entrain your own body, brainwaves and electromagnetic field; exactly where and when it’s needed the most. Your ‘sound signature’ is like a fingerprint; completely unique to you.

According to ChloëGoodchild (founder of the Naked Voice), when expressed without self-consciousness or the desire to perform or impress, your authentic voice embodies and connects you directly with your true nature, your soul and your purpose. This helps developing heightened self-awareness, harmony, stillness and peace of mind. While projecting our voice in the outer world, we also connect to our inner voice and give it a space to be and develop itself.

From a purely scientific perspective, singing triggers the release of endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which increase the feelings of trust and bonding, relieve anxiety & stress and boost self-awareness and confidence. It brings our heart and nervous system into coherence, and enhance brain hemispheres into synchronization. This is why it has such a calming yet energizing effect at the same time.

Chanting, toning, humming, whistling or whispering are other ways to express and experiment with your voice, and they each hold its own inner benefits.


Place an intention at the beginning of your practice.

Connect the sound with the rhythms of your breath (or vice-versa).

Put your hands on your heart, so you can deepen the connection via the physical vibrations.

When you use your voice; don’t place any focus on your throat or vocal chords. Instead, visualize the sound starting from your navel (your core) and project it through your hands (to your heart). It enhances a focused connection, while helping in sustaining the voice and finding coherence.

If you are not able to use your voice for singing/chanting/toning, you can start by using it in other ways; humming, whispering, whistling. Build it up when you feel ready!

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