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TIME. Slowing it, stopping it, reversing it…Have you ever wondered how to do any of these things? Billions of dollars and years and years of dedicated research are thrown at finding the answer, all packaged up into one little word – ‘wellness’.

‘Wellness at Kalukanda House’ – what does this mean to us? We have an offering that originated from personal experience and I can say that being a guinea pig for this experiment has had a huge positive impact on my life and it was the start of our hotel concept.

Hip Hotels agrees with our thinking and has included us in the 5 destinations to visit to slow down time, quoting us in their article..


What is Wellness?

If only we could hang onto time a bit more. If you have a busy life you will simultaneously be fielding deadlines, be thinking about ageing, be susceptible to the odd dose of FOMO, have a stacked diary and piling up the pressure on yourself all in an effort to beat the system (time). So you probably regularly crash and burn followed by a quick 60 minute lie down in a foetal position somewhere, (this could be at the bottom of a bottle of red wine, at the end of a hot yoga class or maybe multi-task with both)…and then repeat….isn’t itexhausting? Not even a little bit satisfying.

Does it sound familiar? That was me until recently. Kate Garraway calls this state being “comfortably numb”. Snap – pun intended.

Wellness : the opposite of all of that.

My wellness journey started by accidentally crashing into my inner need for space. I didn’t want to give up any of the excitement or pace of my life but that crazy moment in 2016, to buy a plot of land with absolutely NO IDEA how to fund it, what we were going to do with it or even where it would lead to, was founded in a totally un-expected, strong and fundamental single moment of grounding when standing in the garden for the first time.

It was such a tangible feeling that letting go of it really was not an option, even if the details of “how” to keep hold of it were far from clear. All I knew was that I was hitting the wall far too often, the time in between crashes narrowing and the inability to stay connected growing. It was a bigger risk not to take the insane option infront of us.

Pressing Pause

The onslaught of high energy that comes with a busy life is exciting but it is quietly draining and takes it’s toll over the years. These days the tanks needs filling up frequently and heading out to Sri Lanka in a way that allowed space and slow connections with other people was like pressing the Control-Alt-Delete button and rebooting. I hadn’t even realised it was needed.

Now, three and a half years on, I single-task more often in London, (diarised obviously), and I know thatsometimes‘SIMPLE’ is all we need. Big fat regular doses of it so you can actually notice the difference. Strip away the noise, give yourself permission to stop and step out of the madness to, dare I say it, “reconnect with yourself”. Believe me, this is not something I would ever have said pre-August 2016, I simply didn’t understand it, and now it’s all we think about and all we aim to do at Kalukanda House.

Multi-tasking is a necessary skill and fact of life, but I am suggesting that single-taskingmore oftenwill benefit us all. It creates space in and around us, giving room for more human connections and a sense of awakening. Ultimately it slows time right down.

Wellness at Kalukanda House

In a nutshell, ‘Designing a holiday mindfully and connecting with other humans’.

There is actually a lot more to our approach than this but if I only have 10 seconds…

I guarantee this is the first step to slowing time, and even reversing some of the effects of a 100 mile an hour life. Whether you opt to go for the basic first-gear-shuffle or full on sporty and active, doing this in a place where you can find inner space and you are encouraged to connect face to face and eye to eye – it’s a game changer. Too simple? I don’t think so. Locations and destinations that are DIFFERENT and have their own voice that you tune into and engage with…try it, it works.

It changed my life and our Wellness at Kalukanda House mission is to create the same tangible connection for every one of our guests. I am dedicating 2020 to it.

All our guests have tailor made holidays, pulled together by having a conversation with us before they arrive. There is no copy-paste option because there is no wellness copy-paste answer. Our wellness revolution is about being different and individual, so ask yourself what you want and ask us if we can deliver it. If you want us to think for you, that’s ok too – my approach to designing a holiday is like my approach to designing your home, it starts with the human.

Our Invitation

We invite you to embrace the wellness “revolution” by doing it the Kalukanda House way. Face to face and eye to eye, doing one thing at a time and connecting with other humans. Simple, no gimmicks and no words that need to be looked up in the dictionary.

Stay tuned and please feel free to follow us, subscribe and share this article to stay informed of our 2020 Wellness plans. You can experience them yourself first hand – just drop us a line by emailing here:stay@kalukandahouse.com

Did you know that from 2020 you can book single rooms at Kalukanda House outside of Christmas and Easter holidays? A great opportunity to experience Kalukanda House differently.

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