Wellness and Luxury at Kalukanda House

Luxury. What is it to you?

Our one year anniversary of being open is almost here and our journey has been an incredible one of love and support. That intangible quality we felt when first walking into the grounds is felt by all who come and stay and now we want to share that unforgettable energy further.

A whole year of time spent planning, sourcing and un-compromisig effort went into the craft of designing and building of Kalukanda House. Every detail was considered, insisting that local artisans produced and delivered our hand made beds and decorative objects, antiques were bought and lovingly restored and installed throughout, the bespoke reception pendants were circled over and over in design phase whilst I vascillated over their size – they could not be small, but how big was too big?

The mattresses have to be super comfortable, the linens super soft, the pillows just the right amount of fluffy. Goldilocks would have spun her head in confusion at the choices that were made, she would be happy in all of the rooms for sure. Life has been made as easy as possible for your time at the villa – even the plugs are international. The pool, the gardens, the staff, it really was a labor of love.

You don’t need to think at all – from the moment you book to stay, absolutely everything is taken care of.

But it isn’t enough for us.

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We believe luxury is not about stopping at delivering a perfect villa. That is just the start of our journey. Luxury is about taking these carefully considered bones and creating an experience that is transformative, life enriching and emotional.

Yes, I used that word. Emotional. For us, Luxury is wellness.

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In this day and age, how many of us are really connected to ourselves and the world around us? Many of our guests at the villa have arrived, and at some moment, they have cried. This is not normally something that one would write in a brochure, so bear with me. The tears are not from a place of sadness, but are from a place of inner release, from a place of inner connection, from a place of ultimate happiness.

The idea is simple – take off your shoes and feel the grass and sand, sit and watch and listen to the waves crashing on our shores, lie on the beds and watch the langur monkeys morning and afternoon swing through the trees going about their business with their own families. Smell the incense, eat fresh and delicious fruit and meals, cook with chef, be looked after by our beautiful, attentive staff who want nothing more than to make you smile.

We don’t want to take any of this away, we want you to lean into it, and we want to throw in more.

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The rear garden is incredibly special with a sense of sanctuary and delicious calm, so this year our news is that we are curating and hosting bespoke weeks for our guests covering all aspects of health and wellness as well as adventure.

Yoga and meditation retreats will be led by experienced practitioners both at the villa and in hand selected locations nearby. Healers from all disciplines across the world will be working quietly with guests who want the space and privacy to work on themselves. More energetically, adrenalin seekers who want to connect with the warm waters can experience surfing, diving and fishing in our beautiful Indian Ocean and find themselves while part of a colourful underwater world.

We will be more consciously working to support our local children’s charity to close the gap between wealth and those with the most basic of needs both financially and educationally, every time a guest stays we will continue to donate to this charity, and we will continue to be active sponsors in charitable events. Don’t you think it’s time for a mindset shift?

It is what we seem to be getting right so far with our guests and now we want to strive to perfect this thing we have set out to do. To help our guests release and revive and reconnect while enjoying beautiful Sri Lanka.

In amongst all this, normal holiday rules apply. The rule of having fun, the rule of exploring the culture, the rule of shopping for gorgeous objects to bring home some memories. Cocktails can still be enjoyed, dancing can still be delivered in abundance. Just come and “be” and find yourself in the process.

Do you want exclusive access to the un-expected? To the emotional? To re-connection with simple pleasures that make your heart sing and bring you home rejuvenated and joyous?

THIS is luxury. Nothing more.

Write to us if you want to be part of our tribe of conscious travellers. We want you.

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