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At Kalukanda House, 'listening to a spiritual calling', 'following your gut instinct' and 'taking a leap of faith' are all phrases that we regularly hear at our retreats.

There are so many different metaphors to describe a life path taking a 180 degree U-turn, and so many of us who desperately want to do just that.

Where do you start?

From what I have seen, it starts with an inner feeling that simply will not go away. It might be surprising but it feels right. I have described my own seeming madness, which I experienced as a moment of total clarity when I bought the land where we built Kalukanda House. Along my journey of learning and discovery I have been lucky enough to meet Karen Ruimy. Karen turned her back on a high flying career in Banking after experiencing a period of deep inner un-rest.

After some soul searching she left her City life to follow a completely different path, re-discovering a childhood passion she had been forced to give up and finding routes to her own deep intuition and helping others to find theirs too.

Karen is a long standing Spiritual Healer and Teacher and she shares her inspiring story here.

karen ruimy

You left behind a rising star career in Banking , how were you moved to do that?

I felt deep within myself 2 important things.

In banking I had a lot of fun as I was looking at the exchange element between me and my clients more than making lots of money. I was there for the right reasons but I started to feel I was not in the right place in my life even though I was successful for my age, (being a director of the biggest broker in France at 28)

On one side I started to feel some anxiety for some time that I really could not explain, it came out of the blue. I tried to contain it for a while then tried to explain it with psycho-analysis.

I started to feel a very deep calling in myself, a spiritual call. I felt things had a link to the invisible world and I felt inside myself an incredible energy that pushed me to take a pen and paper and start writing about the inner life. From this moment I never stopped being a vessel of spiritual information. I opened myself to my inner self, and spiritual quest, trying to understand the link between our [external] reality and the reality within.

So I became a channel and healer/teacher.

Has your spirituality developed more since you have moved away from a structured environment ?

I always felt so attracted to temples and churches of all religions, to spiritual philosophy. And I am from a family with a very spiritual heritage but I did not want to be associated with my specific culture. I wanted to create in me an authentic path to my soul. I read lots of different spiritual wisdoms like sufism, yogi, American Indian…

The minute I stopped my job and started to work from home as a consultant I knew it. I knew it was my life starting right there. Being out of a structure gave me the time, the oxygen, the right energy to connect with my inner wisdom.

I don’t think it is true for everybody, I am aware not to push people to quit their jobs to find themselves. But often we realised we are embarked in a reality that does not be who we are.

How do you personally define a spiritual practice and what are the benefits of regular meditation?

Karen Ruimy

The most important key is to be connected to your inner self. Feel the energy and find your anchor there.

Yes meditation is one of the most natural ways to connect inside and create an amazing balance and energy. But I know so many other ways, it all depends on the person's nature and ways to connect. It could an art, dancing, singing, creating - these are amazing powerful ways to connect and express the soul...sport and walking in nature are huge healers…

Regularity is key to build your inner muscles to balance and connection.

You have a beautiful clothing and skincare brand, and you dance - is there an overall connection?

Karen Ruimy

All of this is energy work. All is about expressing your energy and your true self or your soul into this world.

My passion is to help people find their voice, find the way to their inner connection. That is why I created my brand 'Kalmar'. I created different scents to help people find their harmony. The scents are powerful tools to connect inside and to find balance. They help create for yourself little rituals of self-care and self-love.

Kalmar clothes 1

Karen Ruimy

LOVE, CALM, PEACE and JOY are the four elements of a happy and balanced life and are the four scents we create and developed in different candles and body products.

On the other hand I became the dancer I always carried in my soul since childhood. I could not be a dancer in my family culture, so I let it go in my childhood until I realised it was crucial to my heart and to my life. I did all I could to realise this dream - more than that "a calling".

All this comes form the heart. The soul.

What is it about dancing that you love so much?

I love it all [music, movement, feeling]

It is a moment that connects my whole body, my heart and soul. I love the movement as it brings me harmony, it helps the body to de-stress and clear away the toxins and tensions that block the flow in all.

Music makes me high; high energy and joyous emotions come out… finding a right movement is such an achievement as it brings you the light in the moment. It is a balance between body, mind and soul. It is also a reunion of different souls when you share the stage with other artists.

So much to say here.

I only can tell you one big piece of advice :DANCE ; as it a sacred art, available to anybody, it is our birth right.

Karen Ruimy dancer

What is energy re-alignment?

When you feel the inner balance, you know deep down you are in alignment.

When you disconnect form your inner self, when you listen to the outer world with its fears, when you listen to the ego who wants to run after outer success without listening to the heart, you lose the simple graceful flow of life, you accumulate tension then stress, then fears, then judgement…it is a vicious circle. You lose your alignment.

It is important to be aware this is crucial to realign yourself. It starts inside.

"Breathing the peace, finding your centre, and listen to the peaceful energy inside" ~ This is re-alignment in a sentence. And it is a process, a work for your own self and self-love.

You can experience re-alignment when you create these in your moments of self-care. I also well know how mis-alignment feels. I don’t enjoy it. It is painful and disgraceful. So I usually then hurry to find time for myself and work it out and fnd the harmony.

This is my work for myself and others.

Kalmar Jewellery

There is a ritualistic element to your work, why is this important?

Rituals are key to the spiritual work. Rhythm, consistency, devotion. You are then building up the spiritual muscles, the inner strength and the devotion to your wellness that will be a barrier against the stress, the tension, the ego's lies.

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Why do you think that being in nature is so important for us?

We are of elements. Earth, water, air, fire. When you are outside in nature you reconnect to your true nature and you are absorbing the pure elements again. It re-aligns you at all levels.

We are nature. We cannot live without her. She feeds us. Everything about her inspires us. Beauty, Cycles, Creation, Purity.etc…


Do you listen to your own instincts in order to make your life decisions?

I would say I would clear my mind from my thinking first and the stress. I would breathe. I would take a moment to feel cleared in my whole self.

...And then my intuition would come.

But sometimes you feel strong pulls to do something or not. The most important is to listen to your gut reactions to life and people.

Karen Ruimy wisdom

What are the top 3 things you look for when travelling to a destination to re-set?

Nature; A beautiful hotel and environment where I can be at peace and find grace; Somewhere I can exercise and learn about the surrounding culture.

About Karen Ruimy

Kalmar Official

I became a spiritual writer and healer after 25 years of research, channelling and living the proof as much as possible. I stopped giving sessions and meditations for a while as I became a professional dancer at age 35 but now I am back into my spiritual healing.

My gift is to channel healing energies and teaching to people, whether in a meditation or in a private session. I am usually bringing a bridge to the soul, bringing the healing of energies, the clarity of the path, healing the past to create the joy and happiness to express the soul gifts in this lifetime.

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