Movement is Ignition

Karen Lane ~ Yoga teacher and Singer

MOVEMENT is MEDICINE for shifting stagnant energies. Not only in the subtle body but also in the mind. If I go a day or two sitting at a desk with less movement, I will notice my mood and energy levels drop. As a yoga teacher I get to move a lot and dropping into the body is a wonderful way to disconnect from the Monkey mind. As stated in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.2 Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha - “yoga is the stilling or controlling of the modifications or fluctuations of the mind.”

Mobility is an important aspect of movement for me too because I feel like "yoga' can be quite inaccessible and daunting for some people. However Yoga taught for "every body" - can be therapeutic and help maintain mobility.

A good teacher will make the Yoga they teach accessible for all. Movement such as mindful walking in nature is a daily essential for maintaining longevity and a positive mindset. Having a dog takes you into nature daily so that helps.

Rachel Chanmugam ~ Sound Healer


Sound is moving - to you and through you. Let it move you, let it transform you, let it play with you, like the most caring mother would play with her child…

Trust and surrender are needed at a mind’s level, but a lot of things are indeed moving with the sound into your body at a microscopic level: your meridians and chakras are getting cleared of blockages, your nervous system is balanced, your blood flow is enhanced, your cells are revitalized, your brain waves are optimized, your heart beats becomes more coherent…

Although people usually relate to sound healing as a passive relaxation - done lying down without moving, it is a great practice to let the body loose and express itself the ways it wants. The body, via the subconscious, knows! For example, try to feel the micro-movements, which could be felt as a tingling or heating sensation, or as a wave of emotion rising for example.

It is also important and quite gratifying to connect with and follow what your intuition is whispering to you at any point of time and space. It could express itself from anything like a jolt of energy bolting from your left heel, to feeling like standing, dancing, humming, stretching, sneezing or crying (the list is not exhaustive!)

Sala Watura ~ Yoga and Breathwork Teacher

MOVEMENT is IGNITION Yoga practice embodies a purposeful life, daring individuals to question the status quo and challenge societal norms. Simple yet powerful asana flows will incite self-reflection by provoking thought and introspection through breathing, meditation, and movement.

Through a blend of strong and inspiring words & vinyasa, yoga can ignite the rebel within, motivating individuals to explore their own unique paths, find inner wisdom, and take bold steps towards a better world.

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