Journey to the Heart Retreat at Kalukanda House

Our Signature Retreat - JOURNEY TO THE HEART.

If you are feeling un-ravelled by life challenges, put yourself back together and find comfort, strength and security in these un-certain times. This retreat is wholly dedicated to self care. We invite you to give yourself permission to take a sabbatical from daily life for 6 days, join us and our caring wellness practitioners as we help you find your centre again.

End 2022 or Start 2023 with a nourished soul. Information and booking links below.

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This centre becomes our true compass and in order to take its meaning forward, we must first love ourselves and deeply honour everything that we are, past and present, in order to see it reflected in our future. This dedicated time for self is vital in this crazy world we live in. Inner silence is a must in life as the answers to our questions are found in this silence, so you can access your highest potential.


We have been shaken to the core these last few years. But the forced “stop” showed us all glimmers of what we have been missing. As we navigated two years of unknown territory without a map, many of us had the privilege of time for introspection.

All around we hear stories of disconnect between our hearts and our heads; it is time to halt the un-ravelling and come back to ourselves.


This retreat will give a daily tailored program dedicated to individual healing, blended with guided wellness practices and personal consultations at Kalukanda House. Hosts Dee and Sala have created a 6 day pathway for you to find and experience your “I”.

Journey to the Heart features a daily rejuvenating combination of yogic practice, guided meditations, breathwork, persona Ayurvedic consultation, Massages and much more..


We will guide you towards crafting your purpose through this journey and you will be nourished by the company of up to 8 women who have embarked on this same adventure. Be ready to find yourself and make some lasting friendships in Sri Lanka.

Your participation also provides a donation to a local charity that we support, which in turn has focus to empower and free disenfranchised women in Sri Lanka. We are honoured to close this circle with you.


Your hosts are Dee and Sala.

Dee, designer and founder of Kalukanda House, believes anything is possible with a little courage, encouragement and love. With a long held intention to nurture female creative and spiritual energy through Kalukanda House, 'Journey to the Heart' was borne.

Sala is a Southern based wellness practitioner and artist. He is the co-founder of Konectiv Wellness, a community centered wellness and healing platform. Sala moved to the South over a decade ago in search of a higher purpose, leaving behind an illustrious advertising career to pursue his heart, a journey which has bought him to this very moment now.

The retreat includes 6 days of Journey to the Heart curated immersions ~

Starting with daily morning flow of Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

Talk circles, discussions, journalling and reflection

Daily immersive sessions including Ayurveda reading, Cacoa ceremony, Reiki and much more

Freshly made meals by our resident chef using local, seasonal ingredients

All this amongst a small group of like minded women who are all strong and talented in their day to day lives, and yet yearn for a quiet space where for once, they can be the centre of care and attention and put themselves back together.

Sabbatical 1 ~~ December 3 - 9, 2022

Sabbatical 2 ~~ January 7-13, 2023

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