Interiors 2 months before completion

Post published : October 7th 2017

The last site visit to Kalukanda House was 9 days long and was jam packed with meeting contractors as well as potential Partners to help us create wonderful experiences at the House. The story behind this house build is a passion to re-discover the country I spent my early years in whilst connecting it to the 21st Century. Kalukanda House is more than just a place to stay.

Roughly 3 months until the build is complete, our attention turns to 2018.


Design details

So my love of doors is being indulged – I separately found these antiques for the front door (which is being made to my design). Dutch antique door hinges and dancer door handles – they are not connected in era or design but I really don’t care – they will be fabulous on installation.

Antique hinges to be used on our doors

Front Door Handles – I love these dancing girls

This gorgeous antique day bed is going to be refurbished and installed in the house..

A big nod to my roots – a beautiful antique, brass temple lamp is taller than me and is going to be polished up and taking it’s place at Kalukanda House. My mum had one of these in the house when I was growing up – I remember dreading polishing it at the time..

Investigating materials and colour ways for the sofas…super warm tones are a Velvet Orange Design favourite.


Here are some images from my trip out last week…

The pool has been prepared for tiling and is being tested for leaks – the blue-green slate tiles are not yet installed, but the water already has a beautiful colour.

THESE handmade tiles on THIS veranda. Yes, it took a good couple of hours laying these out and deciding on tile size as well as pattern, but the devil is always in the detail.

View from the pool deck…

Since these photos were taken the lower roof has started to get tiled with the original roof tiles which were carefully saved from the old house..

The garden has been cleaned up and prepared for landscaping and planting – there will be three levels with a fun croquet style pitch at the rear, cabana with pool table and a yoga platform on the middle level and the swimming pool and house at the bottom.

I spent some time with the garden designer figuring out where we would place the beautifully fragrant Frangipanee trees, they are so simple and elegant and will feature heavily throughout.

View of rear of garden standing on middle level – Cabana and yoga platform here..

Croquet here….that incredible rock face which forms a back and side wall stretches up to about 25m in height and is one of the things I love most about the garden.

I did a little yoga move where the yoga platform will be and this is what I saw….blue skies and gently wafting palm leaves..

Inside the house..first coat of paint is on. I have designed a light for this room, it is so high that it needs something extra special – all being made locally in Sri Lanka..

The original cement fretwork from the windows has been re-created in wood ready for installation in their top sections. The original (rotting) fretwork from the roof edges has also been made new. Kalukada House may have been built from the ground up, but she is keeping many of her original details, even if they have been re-created…it feels like the right thing to do.

SO – things are really heating up. We are 75% of the way through and this is the time in any project where I tell my clients to hold their nerve and hang onto that vision. Thinking now beyond completing the house and HOW we want it to be used is refreshing and exciting, and a good distraction from the intensity of this final quarter.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to find out about staying at the house in 2018 and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more regular photos and updates..

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