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At Kalukanda House we believe in the power of nature and natural, holistic healing wherever possible. You can feel the benefits on our land and you can feel it in your body after staying with us just a short time. Nature is a beautiful force to be embraced and this personal account is testament to that.

We share an incredibly powerful story of a female doctor who flew in the face of received wisdom, and turned her sceptical views on holistic medicine around after healing herself when conventional medicine failed her. These personal transformation are increasingly common and it is so imprtant to listen to them; here is the incredible story behind The Holistic Women's Clinic

I consulted with Dr. Al-Husein and can confirm that not only is she sensitive and eminently knowledgable, but her bespoke treatment for my tiredness and deep muscle ache have performed very quickly.



Holistic Health Kalukanda House

Dr Hind Al-Husain ~ My Story

It was a series of unexpected events that led me to where I am today - completely unplanned and unscheduled, and quite frankly, unwanted. I had set out from an early age towards a high-flying career, studying hard, reading everything I could lay my hands on and approaching life with zest and a questioning mind.

After many years of extremelly hard work and dedication, I looked around to find myself somewhere close to where I wanted to be. I was also very sick, tired and weary from what life had thrown at me, despite my best efforts. I had fought many painful battles on many fronts and it was about to get worse.

I was working an intense obstetrics & gynaecology rota, looking after two teenage children on my own and far away from family and friends. I was miserable. And that misery was compounded by my sudden, unexpected ‘mystery’ illness.

It started with painful hands and extreme fatigue - so extreme I could put my head down and sleep anywhere, even while driving. I could barely hold a forceps, could barely tie a surgical knot and could barely hold a pen due to the pain in my hands. I spoke to people I worked who told me to ‘get my act together’ and carry on. No-one I knew, knew what it could be.

Things got worse. I became almost amnesic in my work - I would operate with great difficulty, come out to write the operative notes and find that I had no recollection of the operation I had just performed. The mental and physical effort to ‘carry on’ became too much and yet I carried on, with the false thinking that had permeated every other aspect of my life, that if I tried hard enough, everything would be ok.

Of course, everything wasn’t ok and I got worse. One evening I was standing in my kitchen trying to cut a red pepper. I say ‘trying’ because although I could see it, I couldn’t feel my hand holding it. My symptoms had just gotten worse - I had no sensation in my left arm - none. I went through possible pathologies - silent heart attack? Stroke? Who knew. It was time to get help.

I went, alone to the hospital where I worked and was admitted for a series of investigations, all the while concerned for my children who I left alone. Two teenage daughters who saw me leave the house with wide, scared eyes while I tried my best to shrug off the symptoms and reassure them. I tried not to look scared - who would look after them if I was having a stroke, if I ended up paralysed, if I ended up dead? I was 41 years old.

That initial contact with the acute medical services I had spent my life working for was the starting point of a six month series of investigations, further referrals and despite my symptoms getting worse , being told that all my investigations were normal.

It was a medical ‘mystery’ and could I possibly be depressed? I was starting to lose faith in my own sanity and the system. It was after a second full body MRI ( which is like being in a very noisy coffin for 45 minutes - and I am claustrophobic) that I was diagnosed - possible MS they said, but there wasn’t any evidence of this one my MRI. It was a diagnosis of exclusion and I should wait and see. Despite my fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, muscle and joint pain and slowly building anxiety, I was lucid enough to know that it wasn’t right.

How could it be?

How could such a serious diagnosis be suggested with all investigations being normal? SO, in an act of sheer desperation I looked to my medical books - back to basics. Between episodes of sleep, and while almost bed bound, I investigated and worked on a last resort hypothesis. I finally had a plan - that went with everything we were taught in medical school about physiology and anatomy, (my symptoms were classic of adrenal fatigue and peri-menopause) but didn’t quite add up when it came to the pharmacology- we always had a ‘drug’ to treat a symptom.

Instead of a drug, I had on my world-wide investigation via the internet, come across what would have been unthinkable even a few weeks before - a holistic and integrative medicine approach. I almost laughed at my frivolous and ludicrous attempts to fix myself, when the best hospitals in the country with the top doctors hadn’t been able to help. I reasoned that I had nothing to lose - I was deteriorating and it would be worth a shot.

I never imagined it would work. I put together a ‘prescription’ of natural medicines - plant based and aimed to address my symptoms. At no point in time did I think it would work. My mindset at the time was that I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I would die trying.

My natural prescription arrived from the States and I almost laughed at myself while taking it - who would have thought I would ever resort to this, I sneered at myself. What a tragedy. Doctor gone mad.

Shockingly it wasn’t such a tragedy after all. Because I got better. I returned to my ‘normal’ self within the week. I continued to get better, sharper memory, better sleep, zest for life like I was 20 again. And I was stunned. Stunned enough to give up my job, the wonders of acute medicine and re-train and continue with the wonders of preventive medicine.

Everything we had been taught in medical school, while training and working made sense - for acute illness. It was based on the model of wait to get very sick and then we will try to sort it out. Even though I was unwell enough to be off work, referred and investigated, the ‘system’ didn’t really have anything to offer me. The medical plan was to wait for me to get worse, to become wheelchair bound, to show symptoms of a severe disorder - which the system could diagnose and thereby treat.

I look back and realise how fortunate I was - every event in my life had led me to that point of discovery. I had just had a life changing experience, learnt a new “medicine’ of things, which ultimately and organically led to a whole new career pathway for me. I was converted to holistic health, believed in it and wanted to offer it to as many women as possible.

I set up my clinic - for women like me - The Holistic Women’s Clinic

About the Founder - Dr Hind Al-Husain

The Holistic Women's Clinic

Dr Hind Al-Husain read Medicine at University College Cork, graduating in 2000. She chose to train in Obstetrics and Gynaecology which she had a passion for, following her surgical and medical internship and posts in Histopathology and Orthopaedics. She has delivered over 8,000 babies in her many years in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In 2016 she chose to devote her professional time to holistic and integrative women's health and set up a private clinic to meet those aims. She utilises her cumulative medical and surgical expertise to assess and treat women of all ages in a holistic manner, addressing the root causes of disease. Her main focus is perimenopause/menopause and the insidious symptoms associated with hormonal and nutritional decline and imbalance in women.

Her treatments are bespoke and made in a London based private pharmacy, based on natural body-identical hormones, high end supplements, lifestyle/dietary advice and where needed genetic testing to assist precision medicine decision making.

The clinic aim is simple - to provide patients with predictive, preventive and personalised evidence based healthcare, whilst relieving symptoms and aiming for healthful longevity.

Dr Hind has presented on the topic of holistic gynaecology at the world renowned Grimaldi Forum, Monaco on two separate occasions as an invited international speaker on anti-ageing medicine.

The Holistic Women's Clinic

Holistic Health Kalukanda House

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