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Heirloom Jewellery Design

At Kalukanda House we work for a sustainable, conscious and beautiful way of life that transcends trends and rejects a throw-away-consumerism culture. When something is thoughtfully put together you can feel the quality and positive energy that shines through, that is why supporting our local artisans and craftsman means so much here in Sri Lanka. Using antiques and handmade pieces to style our home was a deliberate choice to surround ourselves with history.

We continuously strive to keep our luxury effortless and non-invasive to the environment and champion anybody who does the same. Sustainable design can be applied to anything that is created.

Sri Lanka is famed for world class gems, especially sapphires and talking to Trang Do about her gorgeous jewellery brand excited me as she sources her blue stones ethically from our tiny island. Some of our more magpie like guests love to visit our local jewellers to have pieces created for them, like this image here from a guest who loves her sapphires and came back to London with these stunning pieces adorning her hands. Such classic style and the iridescence in the stones, these rings can be passed down through the generations.

This is surely how an heirloom starts life. Bought with love and a story and then handed down to loved ones as time passes.

Sri Lanka Sapphires

I too have had pendants made up to my basic designs in Sri Lanka and quickly discovered the complex thought that needs to go into physically making each design. If you long to work with someone who can inspire a design and source materials to create heirloom jewellery for you then read on.

This is the story of a Vietnamese female founder who moved to London and wanted to create heirloom jewellery that reminded her of home. Based in London and sourcing internationally to create pieces that can be handed down through generations, the story behind Kim Joux jewellery resonates strongly with Kalukanda House.

Our roots

Our roots and where we come from are what make us unique.

Trang Do

Growing up in a family rich in tradition and values, I have always been intrigued to know more about the past. I grew up hearing fascinating stories of my great-grandparents as antique goods dealers, only getting a glimpse into the family history through some faded photographs. There are no objects left from them. This has triggered my imagination and the desire to create personal heirlooms.

As a Vietnamese, my generation is the transition between a turbulent past and a prosperous future. Many of us are inspired to carve our own path, to seek out and achieve more than what traditionally is viewed as valuable. So, I create heirloom worthy jewellery to wear everyday, to experience life with us.

Trang Do

Coming to London at a young age, I struggled with personal identity for a while. Sure, I had fun, I learnt a lot, I soaked in all the diversity. I was eager to fit into the Western lifestyle and culture. Deep down I’ve always have a strong sense of pride about where I come from. After having my first child, I put everything into question as I wanted more for my family. I want my path to have stories from the past. Although there was nothing physical left from my family’s past that I was so fascinated by, the old stories were enough to get me started. I love old world charms, vintage items, antiques. Things that are old and have history behind them.

But everything was new, once. We have to start somewhere.

So, with my love for jewellery and the meaning these small objects can carry, I founded Kimjoux with a passion to create heirloom pieces that are suitable for the modern life.

Perception of luxury

Many people think luxury is somewhat unattainable. Expensive things are called luxury, but let’s look at it differently and focus more on your perception of the term and how it makes you feel. Can luxury be accessible? I believe it can be. When we achieve a balance in life that makes us happy, a balance that allows us to consume meaningful, quality keepsakes whilst being able to travel and expand our world, to focus on our overall wellbeing and care for others. That is a luxurious life.

And luxury can be a force for good. We use valuable and quality material that is sourced responsibly, because everything starts from within. When it comes to gemstones, I want to use natural gemstones because in itself, it is a story. Many of my gemstones are sourced from Sri Lanka, a land of beautiful nature and deep in traditions.


Geologically too, Sri Lanka is an ancient land. Sri Lanka was known as Ratna-Dweepa which means Gem Island. Marco Polo wrote that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems in the world.

Via ethical sourcing, these ethical stones support a huge number of people, and even communities by paying fair wages, providing good working conditions, as well as giving back to local community by building schools and supporting children’s charities.

Ethical sourcing of Sapphires in Ratnapura

Finding beauty in imperfection

A natural gemstone has an undeniable beauty, and each type symbolises something powerful that lifts our spirits. I always advise my clients to choose the gemstone and colour that speaks to you, the wearer. Flaws can be beautiful too. Using jewellery as a medium, we all want to strive for perfection, but more often than not, perfection can hinder your happiness and wider ability to achieve. So, start with your gut instinct and choose one that you find beautiful and represents who you are. Strive for perfection on your own terms.

Kim Joux

Outside-the-box living

Almost all of us feel good after a holiday. I think the word “holiday” alone makes us feel good. It’s the association we create around it. Because when we are on holiday, we can switch off and do the things we love. Such as on a holiday at Kalukanda House where you are surrounded by nature, tranquillity, have access to holistic activities and the chance to properly explore another culture. It feels good, it’s like practising self-care 24/7.

Nature is beautiful, diverse, gentle yet powerful.

My first collection was inspired by the full moon eclipse. It is not just a beautiful event to witness, it is said to be a powerful time for cleansing and setting intentions for renewal and rejuvenation. With its sleek, soft curve, this design was created to embody a classic style, confidence and bring practical comfort to modern life.

Lunar Kim Joux

Modern heirlooms made personal

Inspired by those who dare to start over and create something for themselves, I want my jewellery to empower the wearer by letting them be creative and feel great about themselves in the process. It is not about buying into a status symbol, but crafting modern heirlooms with personal relevance and that feel good factor.

I am excited by the idea of creating jewellery that’s luxurious, yet wearable; effortlessly chic, yet timeless and with a twist.


Everything we offer can be fully customised by the client, and is made to order. And with the modern life in mind, the experience is both convenient and fun.

img 2582


img 3117

Our approach is simple. We focus on the three most important things that make a piece of jewellery a modern heirloom: Quality, Ethics and Personal Significance.

Kim Joux

Our collaborative creative process enables you to express your individuality your way, by personalising items from our collection, or through bespoke projects. Using 18k gold, natural gemstones and diamonds, Kimjoux works with master goldsmiths to create exquisite modern classics to treasure for a lifetime and beyond. In between, we champion our Fair Luxury ethos by making sure we operate fairly, from sourcing and production to pricing.

Kim Joux

About Trang Do

Trang Do believes it is time to enjoy a life more meaningful, fulfilled and balanced. Having spent over a decade in the fine jewellery industry, working for some of the world’s best jewellery houses, she started her own consultancy before launching her jewellery brand, Kimjoux. The business is designed around Trang’s belief in the power of collaboration and empowerment. Inspired by a fresh perspective on what luxury means today, it is for the woman building her own legacy in a way that reflects her own style, personality and adventures.

Kimjoux – Why the name?

The name is a combination of the words KIM and BIJOUX.

Kim in Vietnamese and many other South East Asian countries means Metal, Gold. It symbolises strength and precious form. Bijoux is French for jewellery. I am Vietnamese and our language was strongly influenced by Chinese and French, so this strong and elegant sounding name represents the beginning of our brand, a modern touch and implies the multicultural world we live in.