Guest Healing and Wellness Practitioners

Introducing a few of our very special Journey To The Heart guest practioners - all bringing their unique energy, spirit and magic to our curated retreats at Kalukanda House.

Rahel Studhalter

Rahel is a highly intuitive person, able to tune into the energy of the moment to make sure retreat participants feel safe and comfortable. She has an eye to see beyond the skin and with a passion to help others cultivate their own self-love and see themselves as the radiant and unique souls that they are, Rahel heals energy blockages and brings her talent as an empath to our space.

Guest practioner

Nathali Abeynayake

Nathali is an Angels Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Breathwork Facilitator, Singer & Musician from Sri Lanka. Deeply passionate about empowering, gathering and unifying community, she connects people from all walks of life through sacred spiritual practices.

Nathali Guest Practioner

Ayurvedic Practitioners

Thousands of years ago, ancient sea fearers knew Sri Lanka for its holistic medicine known as Hela Veda. The principle of this holistic healing form was similar to neighboring Ayurveda, but Hela Veda was unique as it used endemic herbs and plants that grew only in Sri Lanka. These medicinal concoctions had their own potency and so grew in reputation for curative powers. Using ancient wisdoms around the 5 senses and the elements, this healing practice is complex, natural and highly effective. We have some very special Sri Lankan experts bringing their knowledge passed down over generations to uniquely advise all our retreat participants.