Sri Lanka's Tea Plantations

Sri Lanka's tea plantations are world famous and the island is well known to host some large estates.

"Dear Coffee, I am breaking up with you" Anon

Closer to home just 20 minutes away, The Hanunugoda Tea Estate is situated inland and it is the only estate to produce Virgin White Tea in Sri Lanka. In the past, the tea was picked by virgins wearing white gloves who snipped the tips into a golden bowl and served it only to Kings.

This Sri Lankan Tea is a delicacy and these days it remains un-touched by human hand, but, there are no other requirements for the tea pickers! It is so pure that it is widely said to have huge medicinal properties because it is so high in antioxidents. The tea is exported internationally to uber luxe department stores in Paris and the Middle East.

This tea estate also produces and sells plenty of other beautifully scented and tasty teas which you can sample and buy after a free tour. The owner, Herman Gunaratne, can sometimes be seen meeting and greeting the visitors.

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